Welcome to FGC Online. FGC Online is here to unite the Fighting Game Community by providing visibility for local and online tournaments, supporting fighting game content creators, and giving all fighting games, regardless of popularity, an opportunity to have exposure. Our goal is to be able to provide sponsorship, host tournaments, and be able to attend gaming conventions to provide visibility of the FGC to casuals. If you’re wondering how we are going to achieve such feats, I suggest you keep reading.

Visibility For Local and Online Tournaments

Unless you’re a member of a specific fighting game community site such as a sub reddit or a discord, you probably won’t know about any tournaments or casual events going on. Like learning how to play soccer, tennis, or any sport for that matter, it’s beneficial to play with other people who share your interest in a fighting game(s) and are at, or above, your skill level.

To assist in the transition from button masher to competent enough to go pro, FGC Online provides a list of online and offline locals and groups on the FGC finder. This list is by no means comprehensive so feel free to drop us a tip if we missed one.

Supporting FGC Content Creators

There are several fighting game related YouTube channels, twitch streams, or podcast that get very little recognition. Now of course we’re not going to chastise the ones that get a lot of attention.

What we will do is mention them in the FGC Finder to give them an opportunity to get found without a crazy algorithm that will step right over their content. We may even pull from the FGC content creators to create a story about them to promote their work.

Provide Sponsorship To Players

While we do have some pro players that make salary playing fighting games or get a travel and board stipend, oftentimes the case is they are working a full time job and taking their vacation time to attend tournaments. FGC Online would love to provide unsponsored players an opportunity to attend tournaments at little to no cost to them. To achieve this goal, FGC Online has opened up a FGC store on spreadshirt.


From tees supporting Nuckledu to totes that let the world know you’re holding that “L”, the FGC Online store is the FGC marketplace for designs that feature more than the stereotypical bad ass Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Shadaloo, or Chun Li designs. To ensure we always keep things fresh, we will keep designs 4 months before dropping one and adding another. If we have a design that is super popular we’ll keep it.

Also note in our merchandise store the variety of games references. We stay true to giving all games a voice even in our merchandise. In addition to games however, we also encourage our community to submit their designs. They will be credited and paid for their designs.

Host Tournaments

Being that FGC Online is an online website, it only makes sense that we would be able to host online tournaments. We would love to provide a pot bonus incentive in the form of gift cards and merchandise from the FGC Online store. We will keep you updated on the details once plans are finalized.

Attending Gaming Conventions

This is further in the future when FGC Online can stand on its legs. A huge goal of ours is to attending gaming conventions as both an FGC vendor but a cool shot to chill and play fighting games. The goal is to play with casuals and encourage interest in fighting games.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to supporting the fighting game community.

TL;DR – We wanna talk about fighting games, promote fighting games, and sell shirts to fund tournaments, unsponsored players, and take in new blood.