FGC Online got a face lift! A main criticism of the old FGCO site was that it took a long time to load up. The best thing to do in that situation was to change the theme. Also we have a navigation bar at the top of the page so you can navigate the site better. The old page had navigation, but it was too dependent on the site viewer to know where it was to begin with. This new navigation bar has everything you need.

Also on the side we have a search category bar so if you wanna read info about your game you can. This will make it easier for niche gamers to find their game and stick to news related only to their game. In addition to the sick nav bar and the awesome search tool, there is a new page exclusively for tournaments. The Upcoming Tournaments tab, or Tourney Tab for short, will be constantly updated with fighting game tournaments and well known players participating in those tournaments.  There will be links for where to register, communicate with your favorite players, and details about pot bonuses.

That’s all for now. Come back next time to check out the next news article or the updated tournament list.