Just when I have gotten sick of playing SFV and the random upset which cost my fight money during the events of Capcom Cup yesterday, more unexpected and surprising news comes to light.



When’s Mahvel? NOW! Except it isn’t called Marvel vs Capcom 4. It’s called Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. From the trailer, it looks like they stayed true to not having any X-men in the game. In conjunction with MvC Infinite, Ultimate MvC3 will be released on PS4. It is supposed to be available now, but some have reported not seeing it on the Playstation store.


In addition to MvC Infinite, Akuma and the new SFV season 2 DLC shadows have been revealed. There many speculations for what characters are which. All I care for is if Q is in the game. That dude was kinda cool in 3rd strike. Now yeah I do love Urien and considered maining him, but to be honest, ranked has done a great job with deterring me from SFV. If Capcom can fix the netcode and actually punish rage quitters I will be okay.

So, I have removed my foot from my mouth. I’m kinda excited to not only play my first Marvel game, but to see if SFV is worth playing for the long haul.