So I’ve seen KOF 14 tourneys at Majors and locals, but little has been known about a KOF 14 stand alone tournament until now. According to Mad Man’s Cafe, SNK will run the finals for its KOF 14 World Championship in two locations, first in Japan for the top 16 to top 4, then in China from top 4 to the grand finals.

The KOF 14 world championship will take place in Tokyo Japan where the top 16 contenders will duke it out until the top 4. This event, called the “Four Kings Tournament” will take place February 18th.

The next month will be in Peking China, the four remaining contenders will fight to be the ultimate King…I guess we could say Overlord of the Kings. Sounds cooler. Anyway, this tournament doesn’t have a solid date but will take place in mid-march.

Currently, the only players who have qualified for the KOF World Championship are Sergio “Cypher” Lopez of Mexico, Xiaohai of Southeast Asia, AS| Reynald of the USA, and Dakou of Canada.

Oddly enough though, Japan will not have qualifiers and two players will be given invites for the tournament instead. Also, when qualifiers get won by a player who already qualified, 2nd place gets the position.

All of these trips and accommodations will be paid for by SNK themselves. Which is kinda cool as it seems that SNK has managed to throw their hat in the ring of eSports. In the mean time, I will do more research on this to see if I can get an official schedule, time, and stream.