With the SFV Season 2 patch only a few days away, the lovely folks of London will have 4 weeks to prepare for the first major SFV tournament post patch! Unequalled Media have teamed up with FNATIC to present BUNKR Brawl to be held Sunday, January 22nd 2017.


The BUNKR Brawl will take place at FNATIC’s BUNKR, the very first physical esports shop. The 1375 square foot space is located at 28 Redchurch street in London. The BUNKR started welcoming costumers November 24th and is staying for 4 weeks. So basically it’s like an e-sports version of the Halloween store spirit. For more info on products sold at the BUNKR itself, here is more info.


In regards to the tournament. There is going to be a 200 Euro pot bonus or roughly $250 USD. 15 Euro or $18.75 tournament entry. Bring your own controller if you intend on participating in the tournament. Casuals are free and run from 1pm to 7pm GMT.

At this point in time that is the extent of the info regarding this tourney. Once more information comes forward, it will be updated in the Tourney Tab.