With SFV season 2 patch commotion dying down, I figured it would an amazing time to announce the top 5 FGC gifts I’m thankful for.


5. Blow Ups, dank memes, and community

Prior to the release of SFV, I didn’t even know there was a community of folks who played fighting games. Several Discords, Twitter follows, YouTube subs, and Twitch subscriptions later, I was pleasantly surprised.

While the community does sometimes feel like 80% bitching and 10% on how to improve in fighting games, and 10% how to grow the community, it’s kinda cute reading and being apart of these conversations. There are some legit concerns and interest in growing the FGC. Just wish the conversations were more actionable and less theoretical. Regardless, it’s cool to know so many strongly opinionated people.


4. The Git Gud Mentality

The Gid Gud mentality got some criticism earlier in the year for being a hostile part of the gaming community. There were people who felt fun was the most important part of gaming. While fun is one aspect of gaming, getting better at the game makes the fun factor that much better.

When it comes to fighting games, getting gud is part of what makes the games worth it. Beating arcade mode with all the characters is cool, but what about ranking your character? What about getting more money to customize your character? What about seeing the longest combo you can with your main? The FGC thrives on this git gud mentality that many people see as negative. In fact, it creates rivalries which become friendships.

The git gud mentality is also applies your life outside of fighting games. I wanted to git gud at Street Fight 5, but my current job schedule and lack of funds made that a difficult task. What did I do? I got gud. I looked at faults in my performance and I improved drastically. The result is a promotion, a raise, and a 9 to 5 that gives me all the time I need to play.

Needless to say, the git gud mentality actually helps you…get good?


3. Playing More Challenging Games

Prior to being involved in the FGC, I would just watch or play all the latest indie games that Let’s players played. The thing with a lot of lets players is they play indie games because they’re easy to play and they usually have a story that’s easy to understand. There isn’t much of a challenge.

In the FGC however, there is no such thing is too hard. There will be dudes like Nerd Josh that play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Guilty Gear, and Street Fighter 5 at high level. Nerd Josh is actually the reason why I picked up King of Fighters 14 in the first place. Sitting through hours of trials and training mode really pushed me to have more stamina and have patience. Not to mention the fact that you can learn things from one fighting game that can apply in another.


2. I Got My First Fight Stick!!

When I first got Street Fighter 5 I was a devoted to being pro-pad…the ps4 d-pad. I felt like I could get better with a fighting game while using a d-pad and all would be well. They kinda were…until I played on an arcade cabinet.

My sister invited me to a game developer party at Free Play arcade. They had a Street Fighter 2 Turbo Arcade cabinet and I just had to see what it was like to play 2 Turbo on an arcade cabinet. After getting adjusted to the controls and winning some matches with Bison I was pleasantly swayed to being pro stick. Long story short I bought me a Hori Rap4 Kai.

I kinda feel silly for being so opposed to using a stick. I mean yeah it’s cool and all that Nuckledu won Capcom Cup with a pad, but much like a stick, pads aren’t for everyone. Looking at my hori, which I have named Silver chariot, reminds me of the risk I took to experience something different and it paid off well.

1. This Website!

Being apart of the FGC kinda has me noticing all kinds of little wholes that the FGC has community outreach wise. While FGCO isn’t going to address them all over night, the goal is to gain enough momentum to cover them all eventually.

One of the reason why this site was so important to me is it forces me to go to other fighting game communities and learn what is important to them. The result of that research is the FGC finder and the Tourney Tab. While I do write stories on here about different fighting games and what not, my bread and butter for this site are those pages. It’s important to provide entry points in order to grow the FGC.

Well, I’m too pooped to go on. I got a monster on patch notes I gotta start research on. I want to be as accurate as it will be beautiful. Until next time!