I want to first start this off by saying regardless of what you choose, you can win Capcom Cup. You don’t have to pick up a stick because someone is telling you it’s more optimal. Everyone has their own preference and your preference may not fit. Now with that disclaimer out of the way, lets start the story.

When Street Fighter 5 came out in February, I said I was actually gonna try and get good at the game. At the time I didn’t see the point in buying a stick because I had a ps4 pad and it was getting the job done. Well it was getting the job done from a casual stand point, but when it came down getting execution it was another story.

As a Bison main, sometimes I would get my input sometimes I wouldn’t. It was frustrating trying to get ex moves to come out when my R triggers were sticking. There is a fix to this problem, but of course I’m a little weary about taking about an almost $50 dollar controller. If it’s broken that means more money out of my pocket. So I, rather foolishly, kept on playing it.

Fast forward to Urien’s release. I had taken a long hiatus due to my work schedule. I had decided that once Urien dropped though I was gonna devote 4+ hours daily to playing. Day 1 went well. I had gotten Urien around 10 pm and had played until 4 am. The next day I woke up at 8 am and started playing with the goal to play until 5 pm. Kinda like a job.

About noon on day 2 and I get the largest cramp in my left arm. From my elbow to my wrist has frozen up. Now while this was a little annoying, the threat here was I have had previous issues with this arm. So I had to chill out a bit on Street Fighter 5 a bit until my arm wasn’t locking up and shit.

Funny thing about Street Fighter, it tends to pop up everywhere. As was the case when I went to Free Play Arcade. As I mentioned in this article here, this was the pivotal moment when I realized I needed a stick.

Today I woke up at 7:30 AM central time to relearn SFV on my Hori Rap 4 Kai. I wasn’t just pressing the buttons. I was actually trying to get combos down. Four hours in and I’m getting more familiar dashing and doing combos. Something else I noticed is in the four hours of me practicing on my hori stick is my lack of forearm pain.

Physical pain aside, having a stick makes me feel more in control of the buttons I push. Since my buttons aren’t sticky triggers, when I mess up I have to acknowledge it was my fault. More reactive buttons also means I have to be more aware of how I execute things. In a way, an arcade stick is like a keyboard. Typing on the correct keys to ensure you spell things properly. Lol my only struggle now is getting dashing down. Urien should have a crush counter that makes the opponent crumble. ; _ ;

Okay, well this is the article for the day. Sorry it’s so brief. I just really get back to playing. I have goals of actually participating in tournaments and stuff this year. I’m miles away from where I wanna be.

See ya tomorrow.