So January 1st is tomorrow. A new year  a new me…okay a new year a new actionable me. I had to add actionable there otherwise I would just type this thing out and act like I was doing my best the whole time. Anyway, here are my 5 FGC goals for 2017.

5. Compete in Locals

This year I went to my local for the first time. I didn’t go as often as I would have liked and I didn’t play against people as much as I should have. In 2017 I am going to go to my local to compete.

Having said that, this means I’m actually going to have to make a training schedule and stick to it if I want to get better.

4. Compete in an online tournament

After watching the Redbull Proving Grounds, ESL, etc I kinda liked the idea of competing with players from all around the country that aren’t rage quitting jerks.

This actually means I’m going to have to deal with rage quitting jerks and teleporters on the daily in ranked. As I typed that a single tear rolled down my newly hydrated cheek. Imma need to stock up on face mask because ranked is gonna stress me…unless I do number 1.

3. Engage With More People Within The FGC

So far I have connected with a lot of FGC folks on twitch,twitter, discord, YouTube, and now on Facebook. However, my reach has been more National than international.

To complete this goal means I will have to reach out to other communities both online and offline. This also means I’m going to have to make time to establish outside relationships with people.

2. Break Into Commentary

This may not be known by many, but I actually became interested in commentating this year. Because I wanted to understand the game more (because lets face it, I didn’t know anything about SF. I was so casual until this year) I ended up learned a lost more about the technical side of the game.

Having said that, I need to practice more and upload more videos of me commentating matches. I have done that with my twitch channel, however my upload schedule hasn’t been the best. Once again this means I am going to have to create a maintain a schedule. Further more I am going to have to watch other commentators and figure out my style.

1. Git Gud and Attend a Major

This is a big one! I spent all of 2016 watching tournaments, looking at tech videos on twitter, and reading discord tech. It’s time to put that shit to the test for real. I’m gonna indulge in Urien tech until when I’m making a sandwich I’m gonna be thinking about how to contest 3 frame jabs, Laura’s ex command grab, and avoiding getting put in the corner by R. Mika.

If I want decent placings, I am going to have to make a lifestyle change. I am going to have to organize my schedule to fit this game. In addition to that, I am going to make some life style changes along the lines of mental health maintenance. This means not getting involved in social media drama (which I tend to do) and focusing more on getting good, hanging out with people I actually care about, and maintaining a healthy life balance.


Having a series of goals to reach for the New Year is fun, but many of them fail because of the lack of actionable steps. I gave my goals and a way I could actualize them.

What ever goals you guys have, I hope you set actionable steps in action and achieve them. Even small steps lead to big journeys. Have a Happy New Year and the best of luck to achieving your goals for 2017.

See you in 2017!


I’ll savor this!