Hey guys! This is gonna be brief article for the day but I figured it would provide you constant updates.


First, the tourney tab has been updated with information about the Cannes winter Clash and additional information for Texas Showdown has been added. You can now register for the early bird deal at Texas Showdown, but there are still a few details regarding games to be settled for Winter Clash. Don’t worry, I will update when it becomes available.

So on to something real cool. The first offical esports law firm has been created. According to an article by gamurs.com Bryce Blum, a Seattle-based lawyer, has left the firm he currently works for to start his own esports based law firm. The name for it will be “Electronic Sports & Gaming Law” (so serious though).


Apparently Blum Already has some experience in esports and the legalities of it. He represents Team SoloMid, Fnatic, Team Dignitas, and Team Liquid to name a few. Blum states, “My primary focus with this firm is to go beyond the typical attorney-client relationship. I’ve always tried to not just be an external service provider, but an engaged member of the esports community. Under the ESG Law banner, I will build a culture of engagement that will allow us to continue creating legal solution for a constantly evolving set of challenges throughout the esports space.”

I figured this was interesting to share. Things like the drama with Team Secret will hopefully not happen as often as esports continues to grow. I mean I get that esports is young but it’s always good to have something in place to protect the esports community from abuse.

Anyway, that’s it, enjoy your Tuesday!