Among the shock of Echo Fox making the strongest team in the FGC, sorry K-Brad but you know it’s true, news of esports players showing up in the CBS Show Elementary started spreading. Unlike the leaks of the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite cast however, this was actually real.

According to PVP Live, Call of Duty player Jkap, Smash player Moon and Street Fighter player Arturo ‘Sabin’ Sanchez will all be in an episode of Elementary. So with this exposure, this leaves one to wonder, is the FGC as esports becoming main stream and is this a good thing? Well rest assured I will explain why.

Whether it be social media, news media, or mainstream media, media exposure is really good about bringing niche fandoms to light. A perfect example is YouTube and the “gamer” phenomenon. Everyone is a gamer now thanks to let’s players. Add on top of that the indie game boom courtesty of these let’s players trying to maintain their relevancy and now we have the lastest trend.

There are some who oppose the popularity of gaming because gaming being more or less a badge on the cool kids chest. However, we can’t ignore how the cool kids always find a way to make things we thought were cool even cooler to other people. These are the people our media and marketers target. I recommend you check out The Merchants Of Cool, a KERA documentary which looked into how the marketing tactics of advertising to millennials.


Media exposure nowadays is almost a necessity to get a trending hashtag on twitter or Facebook. You want your 15 minutes, you’re gonna have to go viral. This method is usually a hot bed for controversy as some content creators tend to create hyperbolic situations for attention. However controversial the method maybe, it is in fact media exposure which got people watching top 8 SFV on ESPN 2 then Capcom Cup top 8.

While the FGC is still in transition of being esports, it’s important we support endeavors to make us mainstream. Events like the White House Gaming event, being on ESPN 2, the upcoming esports movie with Will Ferrell, and now this episode of Elementary. It’s an amazing opportunity to get more people into esports and with that, more growth.

Thank you for reading. If you want to know more about this episode of Elementary, I suggest you read this Dot esports article. It’s sheds way more light on the intentions to include real esports players. You also get quite the interesting summary.