With KIT starting today and Co-op cup starting tomorrow, I figured this is the perfect time to explain the benefits of watching or attending tournaments. This article goes for people who are just getting in to fighting games, people trying to get better at fighting games, and hell even those who are at the top and trying to establish relationships with fellow competitors.


Learning More About The Game(s) You’re Playing

Tournaments are amazing opportunities to learn more about the game you’re playing. From the commentators describing the matches to the spectators, you will take a few nuggets of wisdom from tournaments.  You might even luck up on some discord tech.

Get Interested In To Games You Don’t Play

I get it, sometimes you just wanna watch Street Fighter, or Killer Instinct, or Mortal Kombat. But that doesn’t mean you can be in to other games. In fact, learning other fighters might actually give you the tools you need to be better at the fighter(s) you want to get better at.


Meet Other Players

Meeting other players is an amazing way to not only get better at games, but to get to establish friendly rivalries. Friendly rivalries are the best way to get better because you have a friend who you can identify your flaws and who’s around the same level as you. This is also a great way to embrace the community which leads me to the last benefit of watching tournaments.

Getting Into The Community

One of the coolest things about watching fighting game tournaments is getting involved in the community. Being a pro player isn’t the only title worth having in the FGC. Some in the community are TOs, tech monsters, Commentators, community managers, etc. It’s an amazing opportunity to get connected with these said people. You never know what can come from it.



Whether you’re a stream monster or on the scene, don’t be scared to get out there and make some friends, lose some matches, and enjoy yourself.