Yesterday PVPlive‘s Chris Bahn wrote a rather interesting story regarding complaints about Street Fighter Five. Apparently, an online petition has been created to ensure Capcom fixes their online issues. The petition can be found here. Now the goal here is to analyze the petition and see if any potential can come from its creation.

First off, its worth noting the creator of the petition typed this document in both Japanese and English. It’s significant because it knocks down the language barrier and unifies all Street Fighter players. With that little detail out of the way, lets look into the message itself.

Street Fighter V has been released in February 2016. It has been almost one year, but the network system is still horrible and the network¬†connection always shut down everyday. If you are a Street Fighter V user, you get frustrated everyday. Sometimes we don’t get LP even through we win in ranked match. Also, all users got shut down together.

We have no idea when and how Capcom will fix its network errors. We don’t even know if they try to solve. We just cannot wait anymore.

But we wanna enjoy more with this game. We wanna play this game forever. We are fighting game fans!

So, we need to change it!

Please join us and support petition. Let’s change Street Figher V better!

While short, the petition message clearly mentions its grievance and provides examples of how this grievance is an issue. This is important because the more specific your problem the more specific your solution. If the petition stated, “The servers suck. Sign this petition so we can tell Capcom.” It wouldn’t have the same motivating vibe. It would come off as just another troll petition.

This message closes on a positive note expressing fighting game fans what to enjoy the game more. It’s in interesting move on behalf of the creator of the petition because they are saying the netcode is actively standing in the way of them enjoying the game to their fullest potential.

Will This Petition Achieve Its Goal?

With all the petition does right, it would be a shame if nothing happened. It does seem like a loss on Capcom’s part if this petition gets leaked to bigger game news sites and with that, it does have the potential to force immediate action. I mean hey, there was a petition for Marvel 4 and what got announced last year?

However, a properly prepared petition, especially online, rarely create effective change. Often times than not, it’s quick media hype to cause outrage to generate clicks. I will most definitely be keeping an eye on this petition though. I wanna see where it goes and how many people sign it.

In the mean time, it looks like I gotta do some research on the PR for MKX, KI, and SFV and see how Capcom can improve their communication with their fans. From the looks of things, many SFV players feel like Capcom doesn’t keep them in the loop enough.

Thank you for reading. Until next time.