Hey guys, I’m working on multiple articles at the moment, however I wanted to make sure everybody was still current on FGC tournaments and what not.


January 15 is the Road to KOF Peru tourney. The tournament will be streamed in Romance’s twitch channel here. For more info please check out the link in the tourney tab. If you want to see some sick KOF 14 Action with the graphics update I suggest you watch and support the KOF community.

Now, for the Tekken 7 folks. Last night Harada retweeted information about a 3 v 3 Tekken 7 tournament happening at the JAEPO X Fighting Conference. The tournament is on February 12th 2017 and will run from 11am to 4pm JST. Tekken 7 isn’t the only tourney game there either.


Blazblue Central Fiction and Dengeki Climax Ignition will also be there in a 2 v 2 format. I’m not really sure if it will be streamed though, however I hope so given the idea that we may not get Tekken 7 until March. Anyway, I will update this tournament in the tourney tab once more info is known in regards to streaming.

This is it for now. Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to keeping continuous content going on here.