After the Street Fighter V results at Kumite In Tennessee, there was an influx of complaints about the character Laura. Many players claim she is over powered in the second season of SFV. These comments were met with the usual, “Git gud”. As I have said before this is a go to staple in the fighting game community. FGC doesn’t reward complaining it rewards skill. However, it does seem the git gud mantra is starting to piss some young guns off.


There are many young players who are little bit more sensitive to changes in their immediate gaming environment. If too many factors feel out of their control, they will turn to social media to vent about these factors. While some of their followers enjoy the call to attention, as more often than not they share similar complaints, there is an amount of disgust shared by older players. Okay, disgust is an over dramatic term. Perhaps lack of a sympathy is better here.

Anyway, older players tend to look down on these complaints and see them as a lack of will power to get better. For many that could very well be the case, however what if there is more to it than that? Now don’t get the wrong idea. I am a strong supporter of figuring things out for yourself, however not everyone has that nose to the grind stone mentality. Add to that being in an always on social media world where you’re told the world should cater to your world view and if it doesn’t, complain until it changes.

I’ve never been one to “create a discussion” about situations. I’m all about trying to find possible solutions. Here are a few possible solutions which ought to make addressing frustrated young guns easier for the OGs and for addressing OGs easier for the young guns. First off, let me address the OG’s first.

Addressing The OGs

Chill Out on The “Back in My Day” Talk

There is nothing wrong with wearing your years of dedication like a badge of honor. Hell yeah, you deserve it. However you gotta remember comparing the present to events back in your day can sound like you don’t give a shit.

Again, I feel you on showing off your badge of honor, however remember the community part in fighting game community. For you the game might be easy, but for someone new adapting to player mentalities with multiple characters is a tall order. Also lets not forget that in this world of instant gratification you will have young players who want to rally around their community for support. Complaining isn’t the most effective use of time, however that is how they have learned to discuss things. Through complaints.


Instead of mocking young players and their struggles, provide them with resources. Lab monsters Javits and AutoMattock do a great job posting video solutions to character moves. The ones who want the resources will take them and apply them, the ones who prefer complaining over solutions will find a way to justify disregarding resources. Don’t waste your breath on them. They are more than likely enjoying the reactions they get from complaining.

Engage When They Ask Questions

Several FGC players do an excellent job of this on their streams. They’ll answer, and re-answer, questions viewers have about certain match ups and what not. This is important with young players because, again, social media and the need for instant gratification.

Be sure to do this on twitter also. Often times, the source of most bitching comes from a lack of being heard. The result is even more bitching and even more noise. Need I remind everyone of the season 2  patch notes freak out of 2016?

Okay, there are two suggestions for the OGs. May as well make 2 for the Young Guns.

Young Guns

Figure out what you’re trying to say

This sounds silly, but often times a lot of complaints lack direction. There will be complaints about character balancing that will be extremely vague. We get it. Some characters are really strong. Or maybe their advantages are too extreme. Explain why.


For example, in season 1 SFV there were people who were so thirsty for the hate SFV bandwagon they would just say, “Chun is so unfair”. Call me Kanye West because I’m asking, “how?”. Saying Chun is so unfair isn’t explaining what makes her unfair. It’s just repeating what other people say.

A better way to approach season 1 Chun Li would have been to say, “Her hitbox shrinks when she’s crouching making it difficult to punish anything.” “Because the vast majority of her buttons are plus, Chun Li rarely has to take risks.” These are both comments which explain what makes season 1 Chun Li unfair. This explains your concerns without coming off too whiny which brings me to the next suggestion.

Are You Complaining To Complain?

I get it fam. They don’t make games the way they used to. However you gotta ask yourself, what was your taste like when you were 11 years old versus now? Also, how much of the game development process were you exposed to then versus now? I ask because if we look at the amount of info we get about games now versus what we got before we can see we’re pretty spoiled.

Here lately we demand a lot from companies. Having multiple channels to communicate to them means they pretty much get everything. Your favorite character isn’t in the game? Create a twitter account and constantly tweet about how your character should be in the game. Don’t have an arcade mode? Tweet your frustrations every time there’s a response about your game.


The idea of demanding to be heard and things be changed because you complain about it pretty much sums up social media. This is why I suggest you ask yourself if your complaints are legit and not just complaining because you can. It’s easy to find things to complain about. The challenge is questioning if your complaints are authentic and not because your social group does it and you wanna do it too.

Last week we saw a petition which asked for Capcom to fix the netcode. Of all the complaints about SFV now, I would agree that the netcode is my biggest gripe about the game. It’s difficult to want to learn a new game and then be worried that you’ll be given a Platinum as a Bronze when you’re trying to establish yourself in a character. It’s really discouraging. Also lets not forget winning a match then suddenly being turned into a rookie and being rewarded points.

So of course I agree if there are concerns regarding a product you’re paying for voice them. All I’m saying is could we, say, stop crying about new characters that haven’t even been out yet? At this point it seems like bitching to bitch. You have the ability to not purchase a season pass. It isn’t mandatory. You don’t, on the other hand, have the ability to fix when your character glitches to season 1 frame data in an online set.



As I mentioned, I understand being frustrated about spending $60 on a game with absent content. What I don’t like is legitimate complaints being covered up by a sea of whinging about complaints created to band wagon.

In regards to the OG’s, I respect the grind and the struggle you guys have gone through, however shutting out complaints with “back in my day” can make complaints worse as those who complain will find others who complain and rile up themselves. Long story short it’s not productive. However, if no matter what you do you still get complaints, don’t be worried about letting them go. Some folks don’t want actionable change. They want to talk just to hear themselves talk.