I know I know! This is so late considering the Injustice Trailer came out Tuesday. I wanted to explain what I thought was cool about the trailer and where I hope Injustice 2 is going in their story mode.

Injustice Story Mode Recap

If you haven’t played Injustice, or at least watched the story mode on YouTube, already here’s a brief summary. There’s an alternate universe. In this universe Joker tricks Superman, like Hera did to Heracles, in to believing his beloved Lois Lane was a villain attacking him.


Superman went ham on Lois killing her and their unborn child. Superman was so upset he went against his boy scout image and punches Joker right through the chest killing him instantly. From there, Supes starts acting different.

He demands all the other super heroes give him their complete obedience. This is supposed to ensure peace but it’s at the cost of everyone’s independence. For example, Supes wanted Aquaman to sign away Atlantis to him. Batman¬†from another universe basically have to put an end to Supe’s dictatorship in the crappy Universe. He, Lex Luthor, Aquaman, Wonder woman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow play their part in imprisoning Superman putting an end to his tyrannical ways.

Injustice 2

Apparently we have Superman still in a prison chained, Batman watching Harley be an asshole to somebody in an alley, Super girl watching her home planet being destroyed, and of course Superman holding a dead Lois whom he beat to death. We see Bain and poison Ivy briefly (possibly hinting that either they’re playable), Wonder woman and Super girl fighting. But of course the climax of this trailer was when we see a dude with a helmet say, “Perhaps it is time for them to be redrawn.”(referring to the deteriorating lines among the DC heroes.)


The narrator for this trailer belongs to this guy who is known as Brainiac. Now I’m not into comics so I had to do a little research on this. According to the Superman Wiki, Brainiac was one of Superman’s main nemeses aside from Lex Luthor. Brainiac is sometimes known as Milton Fine or as the Brain InterActive Construct to Kryptonians. He is a robotic/computerized super villain. His most well known crime was shrinking the city of Kandor (I’m guessing on Krypton), and preserving it amongst a host of other cities from various planets aboard his spaceship. Kinda creepy if you ask me.

If Brainiac’s bio is indicative of anything, it may mean either he’s gonna do something to bust Supe’s out of jail and team up with him OR he’s gonna try and destroy earth with Superman absent to stop him. Either way, I can’t way to get Injustice 2 and see. The first Injustice had such a nice story mode. I would love to see how the story is in this game.