Oh my gosh! It’s been too long since I’ve gushed over a new Tekken game. But now it’s coming this year! On top of that, the recent trailer, if you haven’t check it out, is so amazing. Tekken 7 has Final Fantasy level aesthetics. Every one looks so life like. No clipping, amazing transitions from fights to the story mode, and just…man.

Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it already. From the looks of things, there may be a possibility that they are going from a “Heihachi did nothing wrong.” angle. They are really laying in these scenes of Heihachi crying. I mean while I want to feel bad for him, at the same time, he treated Lee like a piece of shit and he doesn’t even have the devil gene.

Only time will tell though. I’m kinda leaning on the possibility that Akuma was Mr. Steal Your Girl and that’s why Heihachi is crying, but I know that’s because I’m a Kazuya fan. Anyway, enjoy the trailer and lets bring in the hype for Tekken 7.