Hey everybody! Man this FGC mid-week recap got some fun things in the works. First off, I wanna apologize for that video yesterday. It isn’t my best work. I didn’t want to go without putting up any content and I did the most lazy thing possible. I will add my own videos to articles in the future, but I do not wanna go down the path of uploading videos for page views. With that out of the way lets get in it!

Pokken Donations Slowing Down

I’ve been following the Evo donation drive via this amazing Facebook page called the Florida Gamers Hell. One of the users there have been doing a great job keeping up with the status of the donations on a daily basis so I wanted to shout them out and thank them for their hard work.

0 A Evo donation drive.png

According to Florida Gamers Hell, while Pokken did go up +443 dollars putting them at $14,000 dollars, there momentum has gone down. Yesterday they donated $1952 dollars which pretty much put them directly behind Marvel. Marvel has also lost momentum while they are up +130 dollars barely holding their lead with $1700.

In a funny upswing Nidhogg is up one dollar. I also managed to get some info from a member of the DFW FGC who updated me why Skullgirls fans haven’t put anymore money into their game. According to him, they are deciding to grow their roots in combo breaker. They don’t want to donate as they see it as them trying to prove themselves. It’s a respectable decision. Even if Evo isn’t on the main stage it can be there as a BYOC (Bring Your Own Console).

The Finale Of Savage Series

So yesterday was the finale of the tournament circuit savage series. While CornFGC may have won the tournament, it was Mono who won the coveted Evo flight and hotel accommodations as he had the most points at the end of the circuit.

For those unaware Mono is the TO and host of the First Attack Tournament in Puerto Rico. In addition to his TO cred, Mono was known as one hell of a lab monster creating all kinds of Bison tech. He even sports a Bison hat. However for SFV, Mono switched to FANG and he even stuck with him after the season 2 nerfs.


The archive of the tournament from yesterday isn’t up yet, however feel free to check out the standings for the entire circuit here. There were some pretty good players in this circuit. Players included Noble| Vagabond (originally a Necalli main, but he busted out an Akuma in this tourney circuit), Denial| Chris Tatarian, Kusanagi (a strong Mexican Karin player who won the online CPT Latin American event. He also taunted and beat Chris T on an episode of Amazing Adventures), BM|OrangeMan, frequent WNF winner Commander Jesse, and the greatest villain in season 2 so far Wolfkrone.

First Season 2 DLC Character Will Be Revealed!


So Capcom has finally announced something besides an announcement. According to the Capcom site, on February 15 Capcom will help rapper Lupe Fiasco promote his Drogas light Album at a launch party. At the same launch party, we will also get our first taste of the season 2 DLC character!

The event will also feature pre-season Capcom Pro Tour matches between some SFV players. Players include FChamp, Daigo Umehara, Justin Wong, Snake Eyez, and the main event a Nuckledu vs Ricki Ortiz Capcom Pro Tour runback. The commentators for this event will be Sajam and Tasty Steve. Mike Ross and Gootecks will be on-stage emcees (is it just me or is this word not spelled the way you thought it was spelled?).

This is a free event and is first-come, first served. So the best thing to do in this situation if you want in is to do it twlight fan style and camp out a day or so before the event (lol that’s a joke please don’t do that. Be safe. Be smart.). There will also be a cosplay contest. If you want to see the original blog by all means use this link.

UK Capcom ProTour Dates Announced

From an article by PVP, the European Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour Schedule has been revealed. The five European events are as follows:

Sonic Boom Summer Edition: April 1 – 2
Ultimate Fighting Arena: April 8 – 9
Hypespotting 6: April 15 – 16
The Colosseum: May 6 – 7
FFM Rumble 10: May 19 – 21

These events will be added to the tourney tab momentarily. Jeez, I guess that’s it about this. Welp, on to the next one.

Smug Dominates The ESL Street Fighter King of the Hill

If you weren’t able to tune into the King of the Hill yesterday, you missed Smug dominating the King of the Hill. He wasted no time demolishing Justin Wong with his ruthless Balrog. For the VOD please see this link.

Tekken 7 Master Cup 9

I didn’t want to make this all about Street Fighter so here I am ending this note on Tekken news. First of all, I do acknowledge the passing of Masaya Nakamura. He was the founder of Namco, the company that brought us many memorable games such as arcade classics Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Galaxian. Namco is also responsible for the Tekken franchise. It’s amazing to see how far Namco has come and it is my hope that Namco continues to bloom with the mission their found put in place. With Nakamura acknowledged, I will briefly discuss Master Cup.

November 4th 2017 will be the tenth anniversary of Master Cup. Master Cup is a 5 on 5 team tourney. Since 2007, Master Cup has grown from 195 participants to 935 participants. Additional info regarding streaming please visit the tourney tab.

What a Week!

So Yeah, this was a pretty entertaining week. Again, I will update the tourney tab with the additional tournaments mentioned in this FGC Mid-Week recap.