Ha! Just as I’m wondering what I’m about to talk about today IGN happens to drop a Black Canary game play Reveal trailer on us! Well, lets dive into the trailer.

The Outfit


The Injustice 2 version of Black Canary is kinda sporting something that does give homage to Black Canary’s comic book look. We see the netting on the side of the pants and a leather jacket. I guess this is NRS’ way to playing it safe so they don’t get caught up in any drama regarding how they dress their female characters. Or maybe they want to make sure players can distinguish between Zatanna and Black Canary…in case their abilities or hair, or attributes don’t do enough.

Play Style

Not gonna lie, it’s a little weird that her playstyle seems really grounded. I guess with a name like Black Canary one can’t guarantee someone to display more bird like movements. I don’t say this to be difficult. I just think from looking at Robin’s trailer and all of his sick aerobatics that it plays into the fact that Robin not only was trained by the League of Assassins, courtesy of his mother Talia al Ghul, but he is aerodynmic…like a bird.

While she seems to offer more of a fight on ground than Super Girl, and some really decent combos, I do enjoy the banshee-like screaming. It’s funny because my intial reaction was it reminded me of when I first played Sindel in MK3, but then I realized since Black Canary came first that Sindel was probably inspired by Black Canary. But hey I could be wrong.


One of the only things I kinda don’t like about Canary’s shrieking is the fact that it doesn’t stun. Every instance of Black Canary shrieking seems to result in a knock down. Now of course she does have this little sound distortion grenade that she throws, but real talk what idiot is gonna stand there and let it go off? I’m hoping at least this little stun device has range otherwise it might actually be quite useless.

She does have some grappling moves as well. They kinda remind me of Nina Williams when she breaks people’s arms in Tekken. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if that is what Black Canary’s fighting style was inspired by. By all means that’s cool. My only concern is if her jumping grab is blocked how punishable is it? I hope it will recover fast enough to not warrant a devastating punish on block or if it whiffs.

That Final Attack Though!

Now I don’t know what to call this some I’m gonna call it Black Canary’s Super. Anyway, Black Canary’s Super seems kinda underwhelming visually. I mean she just screams at the dude until he’s deaf and inattentive then punches him. Then that kick literally pushes the characters so far back from one another that you may as well use that move to kill or you’re gonna be doing footsie dances until you can get it to deliver the blow.

Final Words

I like Black Canary as a character in Injustice 2. She looks stylish as hell, she rocks a sick banshee scream (I know it’s a Canary), and her play style seems more grounded with some decent combos. I can’t wait to see some beta footage of her being played. Or hey, maybe NRS could let me in the beta. Just a suggestion.

Hope you enjoyed the article. Oh! Before I end this. I have updated the tourney tab with the tournaments I mentioned in yesterday FGC recap.