Echo Fox knows how to make a great impression. They wasted no time signing Saint and JDCR for their Tekken 7 team. The initial announcement was made by theScore esports via twitter. In an official release by Echo Fox writer TJ Porter, Echo Fox owner Rick Fox said,

“When we expanded our fighting game team last month we did it knowing that it was only the firs step towards becoming a dominating force in the fighting game community. By signing the two of the best Tekken players in the world, Said and JDCR, we’re moving closer to that goal. I’m pleased to welcome them both to the team.”

I’m not gonna go word for word with the press release, but I will leave the release here for those who want to read it in more depth. Personally, I am excited that Echo Fox is setting a trend and getting involved with Tekken.

I feel like second to MKX, Street Fighter is one of the main fighting games that gets showered with sponsors. Because of that, I think that’s probably why we have so many folks who feel like their game is the red headed step child in FGC media and tournaments. I hope with Echo Fox making their move on Tekken 7 pros encourages other companies to follow suit and realize that the FGC is so much more than Street Fighter.