Hello guys and welcome to another iteration of the FGC Mid-Week Recap. The hustle was real yesterday. Not to mention I was kinda enjoying the drama of the EVO 9th game donation drive. Which is kind what I’m starting with.

The Finale of EVO: The 9th Game


So today is the last day of the EVO 9th game drive. I mistakenly assumed the first game to reach 10K would win and I was sadly mistaken. Okay not sadly mistaken. I was wrong as all hell. Anyway, Today is the last day and already we see both Marvel and Pokken have exceeded 40K in donations.

As of me writing this, Marvel has managed $71,690 dollars from 1487 donors while Pokken has managed $66,906 dollars from 744 donors. In total, the two games have raised a total of $138,596 for Make-a-Wish International. Regardless of Marvel making it as the 9th game, this is an amazing amount of money to raise for charity. Sadly, this is why I also have to bring up something unfortunate.

This morning there were accusations of individuals back charging their funds after their game gets announced. It’s sad because at the end of the day, that affects the children who get the donations more than anything.

Joey Cuellar has said on twitter he is aware of the tactics and has said that will factor into the final decision of which game wins. I am hoping perhaps it is a photoshop job more or less because it’s really unfortunate to hear individuals resort to such tactics. It is a game after all. There is no need to cheat a charity for the sake of your game.

Whew, that was kinda heavy, lets move on to something not so negative.

Dead of Alive 5: Last Round Axed at Anime Ascension


Geez, I guess this isn’t much happier. According to Anime FGC News, Anime Ascension has had to drop DOA due to low entrants. DOA 5 needed to get at least 8 entrants by midnight on February 5th, 2017. Unfortunately, they did not meet that deadline and the game was dropped as a side tourney.

However the good news is all entrants for DOA received a full refund and a free spectator pass! So yeah there was a silver lining in this little travesty. The new side game will be Guilty Gear XX  Accent Core Plus R or as I saw it on twitter GGXXAC+R. At one point, anagrams stop doing us justice when the letters don’t even look like they give us a clue into what it’s short for.

Speaking of anime, there is another online anime tournament coming up March 25th.

Anime Tournament The Backyard


Anime FGC retweeted information regarding an upcoming tournament called The Backyard. From the look of the flier, the games at the tournament are Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Undernight In-birth Late.exe, King of Fighters 14, Arcana Heart 3 Love Max, Blazblue Central Fiction, and Guilty Gear Xrd. I will add this tournament to the Tourney Tab in a little bit so everyone gets some love.

(Sigh) SFV Season 2 Character Reveal


In case you don’t know why I have that sigh at the beginning, I’m a little disappointed in the first DLC character. Apparently, everyone from PVP to EventHubs is drawing the conclusion that Helen/Kolin (how ever you spell her name) is gonna be the DLC character revealed tomorrow.

According to this image of Nash, it looks like she has ice powers, because lets be honest Capcom didn’t wanna give us Gill but they’ll give us half of him. Sorry, not trying to be petty, but I had expectations for a new character. I guess I’ll just swallow my pride and take things how they come.

Welp, that’s it for now. I’m gonna go celebrate Marvel winning the donation drive by playing a little Marvel myself. See you guys tomorrow.