The sixth season of Topanga League starts tomorrow…or maybe today if you’re in America? I dunno I always get switched up when it comes to Japanese time zones. Anyway, Season 6 of Topanga will run from February 10 – March 5th.

The stream itself will be on instead of twitch. This isn’t too surprising considering Topanga has moved to OpenRec for a little while now. If you’ll be watching this on your phone download the mobile app (here or here) and you can have an account in no time. They have options for you to log in with Facebook, twitter, or google if you’re keen to taking short cuts.

For more info on the schedule here is the link.

So Yeah, Kolin is in SFV Season 2

To no one’s surprise, Kolin joins the SFV roster. She uses ice abilities because in the storymode Gill actually gives her ice abilities. According to the Capcom-unity blog, Kolin uses the Russian martial art of Systema. With the ice abilities added to her martial arts style, Kolin can literally straight cut a bitch.

From some reason, Capcom skipped out on Urien and decided to give Kolin parries because, you now, when you can freeze people it’s important to parry them first. I dunno. The coolest thing to come from Kolin is her v-trigger diamond dust. It may sound like something from a Jojo’s Bizarre adventure story ark, but it isn’t. While in v-trigger Kolin can freeze her opponent’s stun bar gradually until it says “Freeze”. At that point you are pretty much worse off than a MK character.

Finally, Kolin’s critical art, known as Frost Tower is basically a frame by frame reenactment of Let it Go. Okay it isn’t that, but it’s called Frost tower. If you didn’t get an Elsa vibe from this I dunno what to do for ya.

Kolin will be available February 28th. Oh by the way, you may wanna stick around to see her costumes. She’s got a Cammy splinter cell cosplay, Russian Leo (From Tekken), and her nostalgia costume which kinda makes her hair style look like it should have stayed in the 90s.

I look forward to seeing thousands of Kolin tech videos flooding my twitter. What about you?