While sitting and watching Green Tekken on twitch, like I tend to do when none of the people I enjoy watching are on, I glance over at the chat to see if they’re also enjoying this Mighty Ruler Akuma in training mode. So, nah, they ain’t talking about Tekken 7. They’re complaining about Street Fighter 5. They’re talking about how terrible the netcode is, which is true, and about how the game still doesn’t have an arcade mode.

At this point I’m kinda fed up. This weekend I got some MvC3 practice in and played some Tekken 6 to get more familiar with Tekken before I set foot in my not so local local and play Tekken 7. I’m diversifying the games I play because I do get a little meh with SFV, which is why I bought other fighting games to begin with. While I am frustrated, I try to listen to their side to understand what they don’t like about SFV. For this, I’m going to explain what they said and I’m gonna add my thoughts on the matter.

Yosemite Sam Ken because why not?

“SFV Still Doesn’t Have Arcade Mode”

This quote is always accompanied by, “Casuals like arcade mode” or something along those lines. Case in point, the dude in chat explained SFV needs arcade mode for casuals like him who don’t like playing against people. Someone else then chimes in with, “If they really wanted to reach casuals they would put in an arcade mode. Casuals care more about the story.” So while I understand these complaints, to an extent, there is still something these people are forgetting.

Street Fighter 5 Has A Story Mode and Character Stories

Whether you like them or not, those are pieces of the already discombobulated Street Fighter story. Not liking them doesn’t make them any less of a narrative that casuals will supposedly love. If casuals don’t like the SFV story they don’t like the SFV story. Capcom going in and adding character endings isn’t going to do much for them in that regard. If anything, that will probably be just fuel for someone else to complain about.

In regards to arcade mode, I find this is the most overused complaint in the “This is what casuals want” playbook. I was pretty much a casual up until last year when I decided I wanted to get good at Street Fighter 5. As much as I love the lore of Tekken and Mortal Kombat, once things like Challenge tower and ghost battle became available, I stopped playing arcade mode. The only purpose of arcade mode was to unlock player stories. Stories which would make their way on YouTube anyway.

On top of that, I tended to favor Tekken over Mortal Kombat because of the incentive to continue playing modes like ghost battle to earn fight money to customize your characters. So pretty much, I didn’t care too much about being the best Tekken player in the world. I just wanted my characters to look cool.

So what I’m a I trying to say? Well, all casuals are different. Lumping all casuals in this assumption of request you want fulfilled doesn’t really help anything. I understand wanting your favorite game to be better and to have ideas which would fulfill that, however it gets so tiresome with the whole, “Well that’s what casuals want” quote. Unless you have a decent sample size of casual fighting game players who have specified what they wanted out of the fighting game, pretty sure you aren’t qualified t make such an assessment in the first place.


“Street Fighter 5 Has Terrible Netcode”

I agree with this sentiment. In fact, it has terrified me to play online because of how much worse the netcode has gotten since the season 2 patch. This is also why I’m kinda pissy about hearing about another patch that’s supposed to be dropping. How will this effect the netcode?

Anyway, aside from my personal opinions regarding the netcode, this is a huge consensus with few people disagreeing. Many people have had disconnects which has resulted in them being punished for rage quitting and losing 400 lp. Others have lost matches against equally ranked players just to lose 300 to 400 lp when the game resorts their opponent to a rookie at the results screen. In addition to that, there have been individuals who will spend 4 hours on ranked and none of their match results going to the server.

So yeah, I feel the complaints on this one.


“Tekken 7 isn’t Hype Anymore”

Okay I get it. It’s taking Tekken 7 a long time to come out. I want it here just as much as anybody. Luckily, I live 30 minutes away from a place with Tekken 7 arcade cabinets with the latest build so I can always get my fix. However, what kind of message are we sending companies if we will condemn Capcom for releasing SFV prematurely and say they should have delayed the game then turn around the condemn Namco for the doing the shit y’all said you wished Capcom would do?

It seems like Namco made a great call in delaying Tekken 7 to ensure the quality of their game is up to the standard for their players. Reading people constantly complaining about Tekken 7 not being hype because it’s been delayed for “too long” is unfortunate. While I personally don’t like it, I do think the complaining is a source of something else.

Complaining Could be Gaming Small Talk

Looking at the 3 complaints I saw from the twitch chat, I realized the complaints were not only the same but framed the exact same way. It made me realize perhaps the people who proclaim to know what’s best for casuals are just making small talk? Like, if you’re waiting for something you know how someone would try to make small talk about things like politics, the weather, or the latest current event? Kinda like that.

When you’re watching a tournament, or someone play a fighting game, you kinda run out of things to talk about. I mean there’s only so long you can talk tech before you get a little bored and wanna switch the conversation. Perhaps complaining about SFV is one of those default talking points people resort to when ever they’re trying to make conversation. This even happens on social media too.


While I don’t deny there are some complainers who refuse to get good and want every fighting game to be like Dive Kick, I do think there is a chance many of those players hope on the bitch train for the sake of small talk. I mean, when your favorite player talks about how Laura is broken or Urien is cheap, you’ll wanna agree. Especially if it means you might get retweeted by your favorite player.

Maybe talking fighting games is difficult for some people. When you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s a lot easier to make small talk through complaints than actually expose yourself is less knowledgeable. There’s a lot of vulnerability that comes from admitting one’s failings. Hmm, in hindsight, I can see why so many people are quick to say, “Git Gud”. It’s small talk that isn’t worth much when it comes down to it.

Well I’m all typed out. I’ll see you wonderful folks tomorrow.