Hey guys, I was gonna do something extremely cute for Valentine’s Day, but the realization hit me that cheesy romance stuff isn’t for me. In addition to that, I’m getting back in making video content so I have some prep work I have to do. So instead I wanted to should you my dank memes!

Cash Her Outsawd!


Daigo Fanboys Once Daigo Lost to Nemo


I’ve been thinking of going down the dark path of dank memes but integrating it with some commentary videos. I was doing some commentary for SFV on twitch. The videos themselves are kinda dry though.

I figured why not add some humor in my videos to break up the bland commentary. Anyway, I’m going to be recording later today. I look forward to posting my commentary videos here to diversify the content on here. I may plan to do some FGC news like things too, but I may stay on twitch, or reluctantly return to YouTube, for that.

As much as I love vid.me, it’s relatively new and building exposure on that thing requires folks being logged in and subbing. Views are amazing, especially on the Daigo fan boys video, but it’s a grind to get people to create a Vid.me account to sub.

Anyway, I’m gonna do the damn thing. In the mean time enjoy my videos. They were a labor of love.