Eep! So glad to have different things to talk about on today’s iteration of the FGC Mid-Week Recap. Also, it’s good to have more games to talk about other than Street Fighter. Now without further ado lets recap!

Here Come The Girls!

If you managed to avoid Twitter yesterday, IGN dropped another trailer for Injustice 2. This time however, we were able to see three new characters in addition to Black Canary. Catwoman, Cheetah, and Poison Ivy were all introduced in a movie like trailer.

We got to see a sample of their play styles and hear some of their character interactions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we got to see as much of Cheetah’s and Catwoman’s play style as we did with Poison Ivy. If anything, this was a trailer intro for Poison Ivy and a teaser for Cheetah and Catwoman. We kept getting shots of their super moves though.

Something I thought was interesting about this trailer, is there is a brief scene which shows Catwoman leading a group of characters. The group consist of Harley Quinn, Gorilla Grodd, and his minions.  It would seem like there is a possibility we could get Gorilla Grodd in Injustice 2…or he stays a NPC…or he’s available as DLC. What ever comes first.

Red Bull Kumite 2017 Is A Go


The international fighting game competition returns. Red Bull Kumite will be May 27th and May 28th 2017 in Paris, France. The players confirmed to attend Red Bull Kumite so far are RB, PR Balrog, Quanba|Xiao Hai, and Echo Fox|Tokido.

If you have dreams to attend Red Bull Kumite to knock these powerful players out there is hope. The open qualifier sign ups will open March 12th. For more info on Red Bull Kumite and the open qualifiers, check out the link here.

I actually didn’t get to watch Red Bull Kumite last time because I was watching Texas Showdown. This time however, the two events don’t happen the same weekend so that means I can finally experience the Red Bull Kumite experience! The stream will be available in English, Japanese, and French.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Costumes!!



According to a tweet by Anime FGC News, the DOA 5 cast will get another series of costumes. Dengeki online goes in to detail stating, “Koei Tecmo Games announced that Arc System Works Collaboration Costume will be distributed in march.” The article further states players will enjoy collaboration costumes with 16 characters from 3 fighting games.

So basically, the DOA characters will be able to have costumes from Blazblue Central Fiction, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, and Guilty Gear Xrd – Sign. I think it’s interesting they specify Blazblue Central Fiction and GG Xrd Rev 2. Both of those games have additional characters in their roster which makes me wonder if new character costumes are going to be available.

I’m not one for anime games, unless of course you consider Tekken anime, but this looks like this might turn out quite fun for DOA 5 players. Imagine Ayane rocking a Makoto Nan…oh, I can see why some people might be excited about these costumes.

Wizard World Portland Baby!!!


This weekend is Wizard World Portland! On site registration opens this Friday at 5pm and closes at 10pm or when brackets max out. The only tourney I see though is Smash however at 5pm there is Tekken 7: Play A Pro! Basically you get play Rip or Tasty Steve and see if you can win. It’s am amazing opportunity to play Tekken 7 in the states if you don’t leave near an arcade that has it.

Other than that, it just looks like hipster town.

With that, this is the end of the FGC mid-week recap. Thank you for reading. I’ll catch you tomorrow.