Yesterday was pretty lit. Between the emcee talents of Gootecks and Mike Ross and the commentary pipes of Sajam and Tasty Steve, featuring one of the sickest Akuma cosplays, The event had the vibe of a homecoming football game. Add on top of that seeing the latest DLC addition, Kolin, in action.

Even though Kolin won’t be playable until February 28th, she was playable at this event so the guest could try her out. We got some amazing matches from the likes of LPN and Floe. We also got the run down of Kolin’s game plan from Echo Fox’s own Justin Wong on twitter. I figured with the info given it’s about time we look into Kolin.

What’s Her Game Plan?

Justin Wong thinks Kolin’s game plan will revolve around command dashes. Wong explains, “She can use her command dash to get out of block strings. EX command dash is strike invulnerable.” This could be beneficial for characters like Karin and Ken who have some decent block strings that do some serious damage.

In regards to offense, Justin says a lot of the offensive tools will revolve around her EX hands. The EX hands, if they hit, can start up an air reset situation. In Kolin’s teaser, we see her perform EX hands on Juri before doing an air command grab and pulling Juri down.


Kolin’s Stats

According to Kolin’s updated fighters profile on Capcom’s website, she has 1000 health and 1000 stun. Initially, I was quite upset to hear about this considering all of her options, however it was confirmed by one of the attendee’s Kolin is a “heavy character”.

It was even said her crouching medium kick is 11 frames. If that is indeed true, considering Alex’s crouching medium kick is 10 frames, then her health and stun make sense. She’s a big damage character who is built to take big damage. However the offical the site also shows a different stat chart on the site than the build of Kolin at the Lupe Fiasco Release Party.

From the footage of the video above, we can see at the start of the video the stats for both characters are displayed. According to the chart at the vs. screen, Kolin has about the same power as Mika, more mobile, more range, roughly similar health (Mika has 950 health while Kolin has 1000), and similar technique. However, the chart on the site tells a different story.

On the Kolin’s Bio on the CFN SFV site, Kolin looks like she has less power. In fact, she has the same amount of power as Ibuki. However at the Lupe Fiasco party yesterday Kolin is looking like a stronger Karin on the chart. If the site was just updated, it’s curious to see if the wrong chart was uploaded or if an incoming nerf is coming to Kolin before she is playable. It will be interesting to see if Kolin is a faster Alex or a weak hard to kill character with command dashes.

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Final Words

It seems like after being able to play Kolin, Justin Wong and LPN both think she’s fun to play and has some interesting set ups. In fact, LPN did a little twitter AMA anwering everyone’s questions on Kolin.

It seems for now, we will have to wait out the honeymoon phase of Kolin before we see anything set in stone about her play.