Hey guys. There isn’t much I wanted to talk about here lately. What I wanted to do is bring attention to post written by Echo Fox’s own Chocoblanka. Choco goes into great detail about the e-sports scene in Japan…actually lack there of.

It’s an amazing article because it really does give a different perspective about the e-sports scene in Japan. This actually kinda helped me click the dots as to why Daigo, Tokido, Mago, Bonchan, and Momochi would be signed on NA teams.

While yeah there are Japanese players who aren’t sponsored by NA teams, like Haitani and Nemo, they’re typically gaming peripheral manufacturers and Japanese e-sports promotional companies, like Haitani and Nemo.

In addition to a lack of company sponsorships outside of gaming peripherals and Japanese e-sports promotional companies, e-sports seems to also have low visibility in Japan. It seems like the e-sports scene in Japan is just now starting their grass roots phase.

I don’t wanna go word for word for what she wrote. Instead, I will encourage you to read what Choco wrote here and here. She split it up in two parts to discuss in depth her points.