Today is a slow news day. So instead I figured I would just link to this video where Aris is talking about what it takes to be good at Tekken.

Tomorrow I will have the write up to this video done but I just wanted to give a little of my opinion.

Considering I started playing Tekken in the 3rd grade, I never really considered Tekken a game that was really hard. I just figured you had to learn how it worked then overtime you’d get good.

After I stopped playing SFV, I jumped in Tekken 6 for a week to see how long it would take. It was strange at first, but within a week I kinda got back into the groove. I can’t really explain what was different, but I noticed it felt different.

I’m going to expand on this tomorrow. I actually have been writing on this for a while, but I wasn’t ready to publish it. Anyway, see ya tomorrow.