Well I’ll be damned. Looks like Tekken is gonna take a back seat for now. So NRS just dropped another character reveal on our laps. It appears Dr. Fate has just been added to the Injustice 2 roster. Now of course I am not into comics books so I had to do a little googling to figure out who this dude was.

Who is Doctor Fate?

According to the DC Wikia, Doctor Fate is a legacy of heroes in the realm of magic who act as agents of the Lords of Order in the battle against chaos. Now from what I have seen, there were several Doctor Fate’s. The first was Kent Nelson, then Eric Strauss, Jared Stevens, Hector Hall, and Khalid Ben Hassin.


So pretty much, I don’t know who is Doctor Fate in Injustice 2, but I can guarantee that this gone be good considering how Superman has been acting in Injustice 2. Speaking of Superman, the two do fight in the trailer so we might as well analyze that.

Fighting Style

It appears that Dr. Fate fights a lot like Ermac from MKX. Their stances are similar, preferring the hoover over the ground, they both utilize a multiple fire ball projectile move in combo strings, and oddly enough they sound similar? Dunno if that was just me or not, but it was kinda cool.

Dr. Fate seems to also use hovering projectiles to zone out opponents. It kinda reminds me of Parasoul from Skullgirls when she would use her napalm shots. Also like Parasoul, Dr. Fate has long reaching projectiles as well.

For some reason, we see an ankh symbol in combat as well. This might be because Dr. Fate himself uses the helmet of Anubis which pretty much guarantees he will have additional Egyptian imagery in his arsenal. It’s not a bad touch however. Just found it interesting.


Dr. Fate’s super move has him zapping Superman in the chest before absorbing him in his body. From there it looks like he is attacked by 3 other Dr. Fates, which might explain Dr. Fate is more of an entity rather than a person, until he is thrown back out of Dr. Fate’s chest via an ankh.

Dr. Fate looks really cool, I would have loved to try him out, but of course I never got a beta code so I’m not sure how the game plays. Salt aside, he does look pretty good and fun to play. I guess I’ll have to wait until NRS players are playing the beta before I can see what Dr. Fate can do.