Hey guys! Sorry about my abrupt leave. Over the weekend I went to the Choctaw Festival of Gaming. I took a ton of pictures and recorded a ton of videos. I’m going to be putting the video together shortly. In the mean time, lets talk about the event.

The Venue

Choctaw Casino

My first tournament was Absolute Battle 7. It was at a nice hotel not that far from where I worked. I came to expect most fighting game tournaments I would go to would be similar. boy was I wrong. The Choctaw Casino and Resort is HUGE!

While gambling machines were the bulk of the it, being a Casino, there was an arcade, a bowling alley, a movie theater, a spa, a laser tag area, several restaurants, and a few pools. The best way to describe it was the knocc ’em down stage from Tekken Tag 2.


The Choctaw Festival of Gaming however, was held in the grand theater. The Grand theater was an amazing venue. It’s as eSports as one can get when it comes to venues.

The Tournament


The four tournaments at the Choctaw Festival of Gaming were SFV, Smash 4, Battleborn, and For Honor. While all tournaments were fun to watch, for this site I’ll focus on SFV.

So the SFV tournament was kinda of a big deal for one reason and one reason alone. Nuckledu sponsored Tampa Bison in this tournament. After Tampa Bison took 1st place in one of the most intense Dictator mirrors since SFV was released, Nuckeldu announced on his twitter that he would be sponsoring Tampa Bison to attending Final Round as well.

This was something I thought was so hear warming. The Capcom Champ paying it forward and supporting one of his own in the Florida FGC. Aside from that amazing moment, the SFV tourney was pretty fun. PandaXGaming has an archive of every match in top 8 available.

If you are going to watch the archives, count and see how many Kolin’s were there? I only saw her being used in casuals. Seeing as I only caught all of top 8, I may have missed a few Kolin’s on stream.

Anyway, yeah that’s pretty much it for now. I will get back on track with writing more articles as it comes. One of which is on a recent development on Harada’s twitter. It might be something small, but I want to do a little more research into it. Apparently, there may not be cross play for Tekken 7. PS4 to Xbox One crossplay seems to be but a dream. I’ll do some quick google searching and comeback tomorrow with my finds.