Final Round 20 was full of thuggery, hype, and a strong start to tournament season. First off, the ultimate EG| K-Brad pop off happened on Saturday. It was the pop off heard over the world apparently because Kotaku and UpRoxx wrote an article about the pop off like it was the only thing that was hype at Final Round 20.

Aside from the pop off, K-Brad did an amazing job taking down internationals and making his way into top 8 being eliminated by the 2016 Capcom Champ Liquid| Nuckledu. Aside from K-Brad and Wolfkrone’s rivalry, the big shocker of the night was Razer’s own Xian taking the tournament with his sick Ibuki beating Fuudo.

On the the Tekken 7 side of things team ITS, In the Sky, came out in full force at Final Round 20 with their eyes set to dominate the entire tournament.ITS| Joey Fury knocked Echo Fox | Saint into the losers bracket then he was finished off by ITS| Spero Gin.

Despite their greatest efforts however, Grand Finals came down to Echo Fox| JDCR and HZRDSGaming| Speedkicks. What was significant about this grand final was the fact that it was Speedkicks who was in winners side and JDCR who was in losers. This was a huge deal for Tekken 7 for numerous reasons. Details I will go into else where *wink wink*.

If you want to read the details specifically for Street Fighter V and Tekken 7, I recommend you check out AceKingOffSuit’s article here and Tekkengamer’s wrap up article on Tekken 7 here. For more info on the other tournaments and bracket results, I direct you to Shoryuken or Eventhubs. I have some amazing surprises in store so you guys stay tuned.