Hey guy! I have a few announcements before I get my nose back into Adobe Premiere Pro. So yesterday I mentioned wanting to go into detail about why Final Round 20 was big for Tekken 7. Well, I wrote a sweet piece for TekkenGamer! If you want to read it go here. Let it be said I haven’t been retweeted this much since I found the schedule for the King of Iron Fist Tournament. I’m going to be writing for them for a bit in my goal to get good in games journalism.

Next, there is an upcoming tournament in SXSW this week as detailed by PVP here. Also there is a tournament at A-Kon in Fort Worth. I update the tourney tab when I can. I’ve kinda been busy with a big video project so I haven’t had time to update the tourney tab aside from deleting completed tournaments. Hopefully things don’t get too crazy for me this weekend.

Also, Gamerbee will be at Versus Arcade today. I will mash together the footage from the event tonight and post it here. In the mean time, here is the footage from the Choctaw Festival of Gaming. I got a tone of SFV footage and so I kinda went with that.


Thank you for reading. I’ll see you tomorrow.