Yikes! The last time I updated this site was like Wednesday? Anyway, long story short I was making a sample video for a gig which didn’t go too well. While I was picking my face up off the floor, my Chihuahua started having respiratory issues and she had to be taken the the vet hospital Thursday night.

The good news is she will be okay however she needs to lose weight as a lot of her issues happened to be the direct result of her weight. Kind of sad to hear a doctor call your baby obese. So after that scare was over, I actually sad and practiced my ass off for Tekken 7. I caught the SXSW thing but I didn’t watch it all the way because I was playing Tekken and watching after my pup.

Whew, now that I have explained my life away, lets get to some fighting game news.

Introducing Cheetah

Injustice 2 just dropped a new trailer for their character Cheetah. First of all, I’m shocked that they drop this trailer and not the one of that fire dude that everyone was wetting themselves over. But hey, what ever. I’m glad we finally get to see more of what Cheetah does considering the her comes the girls trailer didn’t really showcase much of anything.

From the looks of things, storywise Cheetah and Wonder Woman are rivals. She literally says she wants amazon blood so uh…yeah. Combat wise though, Cheetah seems to be quite the power house.

Cheetah has air grabs and a dive kick (I can hear Poongko getting ready to play Injustice 2 as I type this). She seems to have some command grabs, which look pretty cool by NRS standards, which easily flow with her cat like play style.

Aside for her command grabs, she has some pretty solid clawing combos which seem to combo off of her grabs. From the looks of things she seems like a nightmare to deal with because she looks like a heavy counter character that can pressure well.

Honestly, if I was interested in playing Injustice 2, I would probably picked up Cheetah because she looks like she’s going to be a blast to play.

GamerBee Video

So last week I told you guys Gamerbee came to my local. Well I put together a video which shows some of the footage I managed to film. He was there from about 8 to almost midnight and the SFV boys had such a great time. In the video’s description there is a link to the twitch stream.

That’s it for now. I’m going to be working on a solid schedule for posting because I think everyday is going to cut into my practice time for Tekken 7. I can’t afford to be left behind Kappa.

Anyway, have a great day and enjoy the GamerBee Video.

VGA image
Link to video here