Apparently there is no FGC news going on. I mean I guess if you wanna laugh at ESL’s tweet saying “Hadoken” while posting a picture of Cammy doing cannon strike. Well I guess I might as well talk about the FGC in general.

Is The SF Community the “Favorite Child” of The FGC?

Now first let me preface this with I haven’t been in the community long. While I’ve played FGs since I was a child, I wasn’t aware of the FGC until last year when SFV dropped. In fact, that was my whole reason for playing SFV. While I enjoy the FGC for the most part, I have noticed that Street Fighter and Street Fighter players get way more attention than other fighting games or players.

Since its release last year, SFV has been on ESPN 2, E League, and now ESL. Even esports sites are tripping over themselves trying to cover everything Street Fighter related. However when you look at games like KI, a game often praised for its amazing netcode, there aren’t esports articles up the yin yang about them. That’s probably why KI has it’s own dedicated community sites and forums to share news and announcements.

It’s understandable that Capcom would want maximum investment on their product. However, it is a little fishy how the FGC seems to predominately mean the SF community. My only hope is over time other fighting games get their time to be esports and not being treated as Street Fighter’s unattractive cousin.

Thanks for reading my little rant. BTW, there won’t be an article tomorrow unless something huge happens. I’m going to be devoting my time to updating the FGC finder and the Tourney tab.