Today is going to be a short article. I’ve picked up my practice regimen so I can perform at my best for EVO. This will be my quick thoughts on the tournaments over the weekend.

Sonic Boom

Problem X killed it in the SFV tournament at Sonic Boom! He used Birdie and Bison and did work. The funny thing about Sonic Boom is the fact that there were 5 Laura’s and and none of them cracked top 8. I bring this up because that Laura Bison match up is challenging for Bison. I kinda hope this doesn’t start that whole, “Bison needs to be nerfed” kick that people were doing last year.

The most hype moment at Sonic Boom though was the Spanish FANG who cracked top 16. He ended up placing 9th which is quite impressive for a character that was nerfed to the ground. Vegapatch, the Spanish player’s name, took the torch from Xian. Whether he will keep it purely depends on the season.

Upcoming Tournaments and Events

This weekend Wizard World ST. Louis tournament is this week. This isn’t necessarily for SFV players, but hey if you’re down for a $2K pot be my guest. However, if you are looking forward to playing Tekken 7 this will be an amazing opportunity for you.

In addition to a $3K pot, $1K going to first place, I’ve heard that players will be able to play the console version of Tekken 7. With 2 months away, it’s about time that a console version is available to play.

This week is also Northwest majors. Unfortunately, Tekken 7 won’t be at NWM instead there will be Tekken Tag 2. Other than that, SFV, Skullgirls, Marvel, Blazblue, Guilty Gear and KI will be there. Also! I know Vampire Savior has a little fan following so yeah they’ll be there.

Finally, in France there is Ultimate Fighting Arena April 8th – 9th. If you’re interested in watching the tournament there will be an English and French stream available.

For more info on upcoming tournaments, visit the tourney tab.


Well that’s it for now. I have to get back to taking notes for my character. When I’m not practicing, I’m taking notes. Also, I am writing for TekkenGamer so look forward to another article by me Wednesday.