Hi. I’m glad to be blogging again. I’ve been away for a while and I want to give a more in depth reason of why I was gone. I will also go into how I will schedule updating this blog and reflect a bit more on my experience at Red Bull conquest.

Where Did I Go?

I don’t think I was in a proper place to start a FGC blog/new site. The main reason being I was in a dark point in my life. I found myself unfulfilled in my job and as a result unfulfilled in my life. I really wasn’t making an effort to play many games and go out to many events. I had become a shut in for the most part and dedicated most of my time sitting behind a computer screen. I was a pretender. I say I was a pretender because I had no experience in the FGC. All of my knowledge came from online which isn’t really a good thing.

As many of you know, most things on the internet are amplified. From “hot takes” to “call outs” everything is amplified for the biggest reaction. The bigger the drama the more attention. This is the main reason why it’s really difficult to have rational conversations online. Everything everyone says is so amplified nothing coherent comes out of confronting anyone. Applying this to the FGC online, you can see why getting my information exclusively from online “hot takes” and what not was a bad idea.

In hindsight, putting this blog on hold and focusing on my IRL issues gave me more time and resources to devote to the FGC. I signed up for three tournaments this month and was determined to play other people face to face. I played casuals at locals and I played at Red Bull Conquest. Which brings me to reflecting on Red Bull Conquest.

RedBull Conquest After Thoughts

Going to RedBull Conquest was my first tournament for the year. This was the first tournament I went to where I wasn’t concerned with stirring shit or getting head pats from pro players. I went focused solely on my performance and playing other people. The results were radically different as a result. I won my first game in a tournament. That win meant a lot to me because it proved something to me the power of an attitude shift.

When I was around fellow players talking among them and playing them all we talked about was improving and having a good time. As a result, I did better. When I was obsessed with FGC twitter and focusing on every single bit of drama, meme, and sub tweet I wasn’t focused on playing and improving and as I result I wasn’t playing. I was too busy trying to keep up with the latest drama. When I stopped focusing on that, I got better.

I understand on social media everybody wants to be the “funny guy” or “the insider” or whatever. Humans have a desire to belong to something as we are social creatures. Having said that, I’d be a fool to say that those people are who people should focus on in the FGC.

Like, there are so many amazing people at tournaments and it’s a shame if someone goes on twitter and is like, “This is all the FGC is” based on some memes, sub tweets, or silly “hot take”. I dare you to venture out to a local or attend a tournament and experience it for yourself. Again, social media is amplified. You can’t trust that all you see paints the most accurate picture. Taking that step back has been tremendous for me not only in my personal life but in my improvement as a player. Which brings me back to this blog.

What Can We Expect?

I will do my best to not sugar coat things or make them seem worse than they are. I realize I’m but one person and what I say carries very little weight. However, I want to use this blog in combination with my YouTube channel to share my experiences in the FGC.

I want to document as much as I can so I can show people my struggles and realizations. What often gets lost in tweets or facebook posts is context. You want to be as concise and “spicy” as possible because if you don’t you don’t get the views. Showing those vulnerable moments or expressing those moments candidly make much more of an impact. I will update this blog once a week just like my YouTube channel. If something comes up I will be sure to let you guys know.

Thank you so much for reading. If you haven’t seen it already I suggest you check out my YouTube channel. I’m starting to post weekly on there as well.

Have a great day and an excellent week!