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Welcome to WatchKassiopia. Until the domain name runs out it will still be

I started this website to talk about FGC stuff but got easily overwhelmed and quit. Then for a while I was acting like a moody teenager as my personal life left a lot to be desired. However, I am getting my life together and I decided it was time for me to start doing more than eating Doritos and watching streams all day. Which leads to the creation of this site.

This site will serve as my personal diary. I noticed not many fighting game players vlog or blog. I found this to be blasphemy because that means hardly anyone knows what the FGC is all about outside of twitter and insta posts. Not saying that’s bad, but it just doesn’t capture the essence of the FGC. So my goal is to make, possibly the first, FGC lifestyle blog. Topics will range from getting good, to arcade stick customizations, to finding roommates for tournaments. Makes no sense to me that the FGC doesn’t have more of these but hey, time to be a trailblazer I guess.

This blog will be updated once a week, just like the YouTube channel. This will reduce how overwhelmed I get and it will also make sure I do more than…you know, eat Doritos and watch streams all day. I also got rid of the tourney tab and the merch store to lessen my stress. Also because it’s going to be a diary so I’ll have links and stuff to tournaments that are coming up that I will either watch or attend.

I hope I can get back on the right foot with this and hopefully show everyone what the FGC is about. Because we are more than just screaming adults in a convention center. Ya know?

For inquiries or questions please contact me at I’ll only respond to serious ones unless the troll game is too nice and I have to share it.

Hope you stick around!


-Kassiopia “MystiKSpiral”